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Sponsored Brands FREE now for ALL in Open Beta!

Yes, you heard it right, it is now free for all! Use the 2 buttons in the image above to login directly.Or if you don’t have an account yet, login here FREE:https://sb.zon.tools We have COMPLETED, 1. Reporting, for all campaigns including:including Sponsored Brands Video AdsTargets and negative targets are added to support!Campaign Placement reports.2. Charts, fully functional for all metrics.Impressions, clicks, spend, orders, sales, CTR, CPC, CR, ACoS, RoASand


Tips Pages

You may have noticed the tips while you are waiting for an operation to complete on the black-out screen. You can all the tips together to read on your time, located on top-right of the screen, click the light bulb button. Have a feature request? Post Your Feature Request Here


Notes Annotations

If you saved a note, now you will be able to see a yellow note button on dashboard page that will quickly show the note, beside the name of the entity like Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, etc… Have a feature request? Post Your Feature Request Here


You Can Now Fully Automate Saudi Arabia Marketplace!

Saudi Arabia Amazon Marketplace (SA) Support is Live!Also supported within our FREE Ask Zon Tools research tool!You can just subscribe and automate your ads management in Amazon SA marketplace now!You can use the login button on our homepage or here at: https://account.zon.tools Have a feature request? Post Your Feature Request Here


Ask.Zon.Tools Now Supports Netherlands And More!

Extensive Marketplace ResearchAsk. Zon.Tools is available Internationally for following marketplaces:-North America (US, CA, MX) -Europe (UK, DE, FR, SP, IT, NL) -Japan -India -Australia -Emirates(UAE) Thousands of KeywordsAll Keyword suggestion are pulled from real search queries of Amazon shoppers.We only look at Amazon data, in real time.Sources other than Amazon are not taken into account.Keyword Effectiveness ScoreAmazon ranks the most effective keywords for each ASIN from 1 to 1000, with


You Can Now Fully Automate Netherlands Marketplace!

If you are selling in Netherlands this will come as very welcome news! Netherlands Amazon Marketplace (NL) Support is Live! You can just subscribe and automate your ads management in Amazon (NL) marketplace now!  Go ahead and add your Netherlands marketplace and get loose with some PGNs. Have a feature request? Post Your Feature Request Here


Outlook of All Accounts Statistics

We have prepared a handy outlook of your important account statistics across ALL of your accounts and marketplaces, even if you have just one Analyzer plan.It will show your most important metrics to keep track of across all accounts in your Amazon main email and your assigned sub accounts within Zon Tools or Amazon Connected Accounts.The data table is prepared by months through account totals and will list up


Search Term Miners are now Using Best Bid Indicator!

We have updated the keyword and target Miners to use the calculated best bid according to your target ACoS for new keywords/targets from search terms.We will obey your parent (generator) keyword/target’s MIN and MAX bid thresholds.This will allow you to start the new mined keywords at the best bid from start to hit your target ACoS.Previously we were using average CPC of the search term as its bid.


RoAS & Profit Metrics on All Dashboards

We have 2 new Amazon metrics available on all dashboards: Profit (Sales – Spend) RoAS (Return on Ad Spend: Sales / Spend) With 7 and 30 day conversion windows from initial ad click. Note that you can turn ON and OFF any of these columns from the OPTIONS – COLUMNS DISPLAY buttons as shown in image below…  You can now view ROAS metric on chart.  WHAT IS ROAS? if you spend


About Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is a full-scope enterprise automation and management solution for Amazon Sponsored Products.
It is the fastest, most advanced Amazon PPC Automation tool currently on the market.
It automates all Sponsored Products best practices and is flexible/granular enough to adapt to any PPC strategy or goal.

Ignite your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads!

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