How to Become a Profitable Amazon Seller in 10 Steps

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Amazon, one of the largest e-retailers, sells all kinds of goods and services like electronics, games, books, accessories, apparel, and food items. Currently, Amazon has over 2 million sellers involved in the sale of different products.

There are countless opportunities available for you if you the basics right and join the online retail revolution that Amazon has ushered in. Join the right niches with thorough research of other listed products, Amazon display ads, and other online resources. To make your work easier, here’s a quick guide on how you can register and be a profitable seller on Amazon.

Create your amazon account

You cannot sell on Amazon if you do not have an account with them. Create your amazon seller account on the amazon page. Before you begin the registration process, have the following details ready:

  • Create your business email address: to receive all communication from amazon
  • Your business details like address and owners contact, location
  • Your bank details account: Amazon will pay you through your bank account
  • Telephone contact tax information: for password verification and log in opt

Identify a product to sell

The Amazon online store has over a million different products that you can choose from. Take your time to choose the right product to sell. You can do some research to see which products are fast sellers and which ones have better margins.

If you choose the line of apparel, determine if you want to sell children’s clothing, teenagers, youth, senior members, and so on. Specialization helps you to get an edge higher than your competitors. If you choose electronics, know which line of electronics you want to settle in.

Narrow your product search

Once you have settled on your niche, narrow down further and choose a single line of products for your amazon startup. For example, if you choose to sell teenagers’ clothing, you will find that the niche is very wide too.

Teenagers’ clothing could include dresses, tops, jackets, socks, hot pants, underpants, sweaters, and so on. If you take the whole niche as it is, you can be overwhelmed and begin to fail. Within the teenager’s niche, you may opt to deal with underpants only, or dresses only, and so on.

Choose your bestselling method

Once you have settled on a single line of products, choose what method you want to use to market your products. Amazon has three main different selling methods as follows:

Retailing: retailing is the best option for those starting to sell on amazon. With this method, you buy discounted goods from another store like target and then sell them on amazon at a higher price.

Wholesaling: with this option, you buy large quantities of goods from a manufacturer and sell them on amazon

Private label: you buy some generic products from the manufacture and sell it on amazon under your brand name.

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Maximize profits

After successfully building a great sales line of your single line of products, you can start building your stock lines. You can add to your line teenager shoes or jackets. The reason for this is to maximize your profits.

During the high seasons, ensure you are well stocked because that is the season of greater returns for your work. You can increase your line of income by becoming an amazon affiliate marketer. Once approved, you can use the amazon affiliate links generated to add profits to your account.

Create product details

Your potential online clients will search either in a generalized product search or specific product search. In generalized search, the client types a product name like TV, and amazon will display of kinds of TVs to choose from. In a specific search, the client will key in the specific details of their product. If it’s Sony KDL- Full HD, LED, that’s exactly what the client is looking for.

Follow amazon rules

Amazon Is stringent and clear on its guiding rules for sellers. If you break these rules, especially several times, your account can easily be suspended or put under query. You must offer cutting-edge customer service to avoid customer complaints reaching the amazon office.

One of the main areas that amazon is strict on is counterfeit goods. If a client complains of counterfeited goods, your account will likely be suspended.

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Gain experience and optimize

There are two ways to gain experience with amazon. One, you can gain experience while selling through the Amazon online shop. Each business has its unique challenges, and amazon is not exempt. As you engage in selling, you gain experience overcoming the challenges and becoming a top Amazon seller.

You can do better of you optimize your goods. Online shoppers will likely buy goods that have a greater value in terms of information about the product. You can add value to your online shop through reviews of various products that you are selling. Post the reviews on your site, and people will likely find them during their online shopping process.

Whenever you post a product on amazon, ensure you give a detailed description of the product and convince your client to buy your product. Optimization will also involve setting the right keywords so that your goods can be found during the time of online shopping.

Reinvest profits

The best business strategists know the secret of business growth. Some Amazon sellers will use all the profits and only reinvest their principle. The challenge with this kind of model is when there are no sales.

The seller will suffer losses during the waiting. If you reinvest the profits, you give yourself more chances of making more profit. Those sellers who have mastered the secret of reinvesting profits will always stay at the top.

To reinvest your profits, buy more goods and put them up for sale. If you had 100 items on sale, add another twenty to make it 120 and continue reinvesting until your business grows exceptionally.

Capitalize on repeat customers

Your repeat customers will keep your business running and could help you establish your business further. Your amazon marketing strategies should include ways to get new clients and retain the ones you already have. You can achieve this strategy in different ways:

  • Customer service: keep improving on your customer service
  • Quality: let your products be quality all the time
  • Follow-ups: write to the customers, tweet them, like their pages, and so on.
  • Build a brand by selling specific products
  • Offer incentives or discounts


Amazon continues to hold a leadership position in online retailing, and this makes amazon a viable choice for many startup online sellers. It is better to specialize, but you increase your chances of profitability if you have more than one line of income on Amazon. To become a profitable Amazon seller, the strategy is crucial in overcoming the competition and staying afloat in the amazon retail and whole business. Every amazon seller has equal chances of profitability.

Author Bio:

Charlie Svensson is a freelance essay writer online working for some of the best college paper writing services and consistently delivering high-quality thesis and dissertation. He shares his knowledge and tips on academic writing with school and college students through his blogs and video channel. He’s successful and plans to reach greater heights in the coming few years.

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